Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Digital Marketers?


As I was browsing through social media, I couldn’t help but notice that everyone is talking about AI. With the recent launch of GPT-4 by Open AI, there are speculations that artificial intelligence will soon replace digital marketers. What does this mean for business owners and brands that heavily rely on digital marketing agencies? Keep on reading to find out. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI has been part of us for a very long time. It’s only that it keeps on getting better, and currently, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence is almost reaching its peak. AI can be defined as a simulation of human intelligence which is processed by machines. AI works through machine learning algorithms trained and coded to analyze data, patterns and predict future occurrences. Artificial Intelligence has access to a vast database of information which it can retrieve within seconds. 

It will probably take centuries before AI evolves to what we have seen in movies such as I-ROBOT, MEGAN or MOTHER/ANDROID. But let me address the confusion that’s going around about AI replacing digital marketers. 

What Marketing Services Can AI Offer?

To better understand whether AI will replace digital marketers, let’s assess what it can do for you. 

Artificial Intelligence can; 

Automate Marketing

Artificial intelligence can automate various marketing tasks thanks to its advanced software and algorithms. This automation can streamline various processes, such as analytics and data collection. AI’s ability to identify patterns can help with planning, time management and enhancement of productivity. 

Simplify Data Analysis

From a digital marketer’s perspective, data analysis is often a complicated and time-consuming process. But with the help of machine learning technology, data analysis can be simplified. Using AI, you can predict future consumer patterns and gain valuable insight. 

Save Time in Marketing Campaigns

By automating various processes and simplifying data analysis, you will have more time to work on other aspects of your marketing campaigns. This can boost productivity. 

Provide You with Digital Assistants

Through AI, you can get chatbots that will help you with customer support and inquiries. 

What Marketing Solutions Can’t AI Provide?

Now that you know what marketing services you can get from AI, you should also evaluate what solutions this advanced tech cannot provide. Check out some of these things that AI may not offer; 

It Needs to Be Operated by a Human

AI doesn’t work through plug-and-play. There must be a human being on the other side of the screen who will input commands and tweak the program to get all the services listed above. When it comes to using AI for marketing, you still need the services of an experienced digital marketer to operate it. 

It’s Not Creative

AI can do a lot of things. Unfortunately, being creative isn’t one of them. AI can only work with the data it has been provided with. Therefore, it lacks creativity, which is the heart of all marketing campaigns. This is something that makes digital marketers stand out from AI. It’s only with the help of the latter that you can get fresh ideas about ad copies, marketing messages and even content. 

It’s Unable to Show Emotions

The modern consumer makes purchasing decisions based on emotions. Unfortunately, AI is unable to show emotions or transmit them. If you rely solely on AI for marketing content, you will end up with factual and yet emotionless campaigns. 

AI Can’t Form Human Connections

Because AI is based on programs, it can’t form any human connections. It’s unable to empathize with cultural and moral beliefs. 

It’s Impossible for AI to Think Critically

Artificial intelligence will gather data, analyze it and publish it without judgment. The lack of critical thinking can make your brand lose out on many marketing opportunities. It can also break ties with your regular clients. 

So, Will AI Replace Digital Marketers?

It’s pretty clear that AI isn’t going to replace digital marketers. Considering AI’s limitations in marketing, the likelihood of AI replacing digital marketers is very low. We don’t know what the future holds, especially regarding technology, but for the next decade, you need to work with a digital marketing agency to grow sales and brand awareness. 

AI is useful in some ways. But it’s not something you can rely on to come up with effective marketing campaigns. Marketing needs a lot of creativity, originality and innovation. These are things that you won’t get from artificial intelligence. The lack of a human touch makes AI unsuitable when communicating with your target audience.

AI is More of a Collaborator than a Replacement for Digital Marketers

Artificial intelligence isn’t going to replace digital marketers. However, it will be a crucial tool for digital marketing agencies. By using AI, digital marketers can automate various processes and save a lot of time in marketing research and analysis. As a result, business owners will benefit from quick turnaround times and improved efficiency. 

It’s also worth mentioning that AI will minimize human error and streamline the development of marketing campaigns. However, you will still need that human touch and emotional connection to form lasting relationships with your clients.

The Bottom Line

As a brand or business that relies heavily on digital marketing companies, you should understand the strengths and limitations of Artificial Intelligence. Yes, it’s capable of a lot of things. At the same time, it has a couple of weaknesses that make it unsuitable for use as a sole digital marketing tool. 

Will AI replace digital marketers is quite a hot debatable topic. And I would love to hear your thoughts or opinions. Feel free to reach me via my social media channels, and we can discuss further about AI and how it has impacted the marketing industry.