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Ryan McRae is an entreprenuer, founder, CEO, and investor.  He leads his marketing team as Director at Marvel Marketing, but he also provides private consulting and marketing training for executives and business sales teams. He shares the importance of learning and understanding the different methods and techniques that are involved with marketing and branding a business successfuly. Ryan started early at the age of 16 when he dropped out of school and started working in the construction industry. After a year in the industry he decided to start is own junk removal and demolition company which he created a 24 hour demolition concept that blew up with homeowners and contractors. This concept would generate over 1 million in sales in the second year. This led Ryan to the love of branding, marketing, and everything business. Ryan uses everything he has learned and experienced in real-life situations with his teams, clients, and sales trainings, which results in an impressive amount of success.

Construction to marketing

In 2014, Ryan sold his construction business and went all-in with marketing. This was his true passion and he know this is what he was meant to do. Opening the doors to his first marketing company was a success from the start as Ryan would focus on marketing for construction and trades. Knowing the industry so well was an advanatage for both Ryan and his clients as they could relate and already knew strategies that worked extremely well. Naturally, over time clients in other industries would request marketing services and Ryan soon had a marketing agency that had multiple clients across the board. Marvel Marketing now has 10+ members on the team and they have helped over 300 businesses achieve brand and revenue growth. 

finding love for real estate

Another insterest of Ryan’s that came from construction was real estate. Talking with developers, investors, and property owners, of which all were successful and wealthy, Ryan knew this was a business he needed to be part of. After learning through many conversations and being part of real estate projects, Ryan would invest in different ways like house-flipping, crowdfunding opportunities, and a few rental properties that he has to this day. The plans with real estate are far from over with Ryan as he intends to do multi-family investing but also has a property management company in Mexico for luxury properties that was started in 2021. 

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Ryan McRae was born on September 21, 1993

Ryan McRae is a Canadian Entrepreneur

Ryan McRae is of Canadian Nationality